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The Department of Microbiology is at the forefront of studying the microscopic world and its profound impact on diverse fields, from medicine to environmental science. Our programs, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, provide students with a strong foundation in microbiological principles and techniques.

Our faculty members are renowned for their research in areas such as microbial genetics, immunology, and microbial ecology. Students gain hands-on experience in well-equipped laboratories, preparing them for careers in research, healthcare, and industry.

Our Courses

B.Sc. - Physics (Hons.)
B.Sc. - Microbiology (Hons.)
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M.Sc.- Physics
M.Sc. - Microbiology
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Admissions Open-2024

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Departmental Laboratory


Microbiology Lab

Delve into the microscopic world of microorganisms in the microbiology lab. Through culturing, staining, and genetic analysis, students study bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This lab is a hub for understanding the role of microorganisms in health, disease, and environmental processes, laying the foundation for advancements in medicine and biotechnology.