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B. Design in Game Design and Animation

B. Design in Game Design and Animation

(Industry Integrated)

The B. Design in Game Design and Animation (Industry Integrated) program, offered by School of Architecture Planning and Design at DBUU, in collaboration with ImaginXP, is a comprehensive course designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of game design and animation. This industry-integrated program aims to foster innovative thinking and develop proficient game designers and animators.

The curriculum of the course is carefully crafted to cover all aspects of game design and animation, including game mechanics, character design, and animation techniques. Students will gain expertise in creating end-to-end games and animations, equipping them with the ability to build engaging and interactive experiences with diverse functionalities.

By combining theoretical concepts, practical training, and industry collaboration through ImaginXP, the B. Design in Game Design and Animation (Industry Integrated) program offers a holistic learning experience that prepares students for successful careers in the dynamic and evolving realm of game design and animation.

Salient Features

  • 19+ years of academic experience
  • Focus on student-centered learning
  • Problem-based learning and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Industry Visits, Seminars, Workshops, and Guest Lectures by Eminent Researchers and Industry Practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Admissions Open 2024!!

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Eligibility & Fee Details

Duration & Eligibility

4 Years

The candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent qualification in the any stream, completed from a recognized educational board with a minimum aggregate score of 50% marks.

Fee Structure

Course Total Fee
Academic fee ( Per Sem) ₹ 55000/-
Industry Integrated Specialization (Per Semester) ₹ 12,500/-

One Time Fee

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) University Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)
₹ 1,500 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 3,000
Exam fees ( Per Semester) 4,500/-

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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1 To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of game design and animation concepts, principles, and techniques.
PEO-2 To expose students to industry-standard tools and technologies used in game development and animation.
PEO-3 To provide students with hands-on experience through industry-integrated projects and internships.
PEO-4 To prepare students for successful careers in the gaming and animation industry as game designers, animators, and visual designers.
PEO-5 To inculcate the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently, and to work effectively in a team.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 To provide students with a strong foundation in the principles of game design and animation, including game mechanics, character design, and animation techniques.
PSO-2 To equip students with the technical skills necessary to create engaging and interactive games and animations using state-of-the-art technology and resources.
PSO-3 To provide students with hands-on experience through practical training and industry projects, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.
PSO-4 To expose students to the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry, keeping them up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Program Grid Structure


Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA181 Introduction to Sketching 3
Core23IBGDA182 Colours & Emotions 4
23IBGDA103 History of Art, Culture & Design 3
23IBGDA184 Film and Game Appreciation 3
23IBGDA185 Fundamentals of Design 4
23IBGDA186 Digital Tools- I 3
23LS191 English Communication-I 2

Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA201 Effects of Game : Sociological, Psychological and Anthropological 3
23IBGDA282 Basic Kinematics 4
23IBGDA283 Material Exploration 3
23IBGDA284 Digital Tools- II 3
23IBGDA285 Design Process: Problem Solving Project 4
23LS291 Environmental Studies 3

Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA381 Photography Techniques 4
23IBGDA383 Character Design 3
23IBGDA385 Plot Building & Storytelling 3
23LS491 Universal Human Values 2
22SOCIALIN301 Social Internship 1

Semester 4

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA481 Environment & Asset Design For Games 4
23IBGDA482 Introduction to UX 3
23IBGDA403 Contemporary Game Studies 2
23IBGDA484 Advanced Kinematics 4
23IBGDA485 Technology in Animation & Game Design 2
23IBGDA486 Board Game Design 3
23LS391 Indian Education System 0

Semester 5

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA Basics of 3D Modelling, Lighting & Rendering 4
23IBGDA Basics of VFX for Film and Game Design 3
23IBGDA Sound Design 3
23IBGDA Level Design 4
23IBGDA Rigging & Animation 4
23IBGDA Motion Graphics 3
23IBGDA Internship-I 1

Semester 6

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA681 Game Engine 3
23IBGDA682 Compositing (Unity Software) 3
23IBGDA683 UX Design For Futuristic Technologies 2
23IBGDA684 Live Project 1 (Under Mentorship of Industry Expert) 1. Short Film (Pre- Production) OR 2. Game Design (Pre- Production) 5
23IBGDA685 Basics of Video Editing 3
23IBGDA686 Minor Project / Field Work / Studio Work -I 1

Semester 7

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA701 Economics of Games 3
23IBGDA782 Design of Games on Mobile Phones 3
23IBGDA703 Design Management 3
23IBGDA784 Game Interface Design 4
23IBGDA785 Minor Project / Field Work / Studio Work -II 2
23IBGDA787 Live Project 2 (Under Mentorship of Industry Expert) 1. Short Film (Post- Production) OR 2. Game Design (Post-Production) 12

Semester 8

Course Code Course Credit
23IBGDA Game Testing 3
23IBGDA Project Management 3
23LS703 Indian Constitution 0
23IBGDA Internship-II 13
Programme Elective

Programme Elective-I

23BDID511 Lighting and Color in Interior
23BDID512 Use of Social Media Marketing
23BDID513 Product Design

Programme Elective-II

23BDID611 Heritage Interiors
23BDID612 Textiles in Interior
23BDID613 Mural and Sculpture

Programme Elective-III

23BDID811 Sustainable Development in Interior Design
23BDID812 Project Management
23BDID813 Graphics and Animation

Job Opportunities The Course Might Lead To

Explore the best career opportunities after the B. Design in Game Design and Animation (Industry Integrated) in the different sectors:

  • Game designer
  • Level designer
  • Character animator
  • Technical artist
  • Game tester
  • Game developer
  • Game artist
  • Game audio designer
  • Game producer
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