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BBA in Fintech and Digital Banking

BBA in Fintech and Digital Banking

(Industry Integrated)

The BBA in Fintech and Digital Banking is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the intersection of finance, technology, and banking in the digital age. This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of financial services, technological innovations, and the digital strategies shaping the modern banking industry.

Our fintech and digital banking program, in collaboration with ImaginXP, offers an industry-integrated curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning. Students will gain practical experience through live projects and learn essential financial technology tools and techniques. This comprehensive educational program focuses on enhancing students' employability by combining classroom instruction, assignments, fieldwork, industry interaction, and internships.

As a BBA in Fintech and Digital Banking graduate, you will play a significant role in a company's growth and value. This rapidly expanding industry provides ample employment opportunities and a chance for swift advancement. With a unique skill set combining finance, technology, and business management, you will be well-prepared to understand and apply the latest trends in financial technology to real-world situations. This degree opens doors to careers in banking, finance, fintech startups, and more. The program ensures that graduates are job-ready, ready to make valuable contributions to the industry.

Salient Features

  • 19+ years of academic experience
  • The program is offered in collaboration with International Business Machines (IBM)
  • Focus on student-centred learning
  • Problem-based learning and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Department-organized tech fests and hackathons
  • Industry visits, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent researchers and industry practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Admissions Open 2024!!

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Eligibility & Fee Details

Duration & Eligibility

3 Years

The candidate must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent in any stream from a recognized educational board with a minimum aggregate score of 50% marks

*Term and Condition: To pursue BBA with Research in Fintech and Digital Banking, 75% marks and No Backlog is mandatory

Fee Structure

Course Total Fee
Academic fee ( Per Sem) ₹ 40000/-
Industry Integrated Specialization Fee (Per Semester) ₹ 10,000/-

One Time Fee

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) University Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)
₹ 1,500 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 3,000
Exam fees ( Per Semester) 4,500/-

Download Fee Structure

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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1 Graduates will be capable of adjusting to, contributing to, and innovating new systems and technologies in the important areas of Fintech and Digital Banking.
PEO-2 Graduates in Fintech and Digital Banking disciplines will be solution providers and entrepreneurs who uphold moral and social standards.
PEO-3 Graduates will have access to the most recent innovations in banking technology
PEO-4 In the context of technological transformation, prepare the student to build self- sustainability, competitiveness, and employability

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 Demonstrate knowledge and competence in the analysis of Fintech & Banking systems
PSO-2 Demonstrate knowledge and expertise in traditional finance modules as well as learning about evolution and theories of data-driven financial modelling, data mining, machine learning, analytics, and recent innovations such as AI, cloud computing and blockchain.
PSO-3 Demonstrate knowledge and competence in digital finance that aims to liberalise education by making learning about the biggest technologies and trends in finance accessible to anyone.

Program Grid Structure


Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF101 Foundation of Management 3
23BBADBF102 Business Economics 3
23BBADBF103 Financial Accounting 3
23BBADBF104 Fundamentals of Finanicial Technology 4
23BBADBF105 Introduction to Design Thinking and UX Design 4
23BBADBF106 Fundamentals of Design 4

Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF201 Business English Communication 4
23BBADBF202 Fundamentals of Marketing Management 4
23BBADBF203 Marco Economics 4
23BBADBF204 Research and Consumer Insights in Banking 4
23BBADBF205 Digitak banking Trenda ,Future of Banking & Omni Channel Exoerience 3
23BBADBF206 Introduction to UIand Visual Design 2

Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF301 Business Startegy 4
23BBADBF302 Introduction to Research Methodology 4
23BBADBF303 Business Law 3
23BBADBF304 Banking Enterprise Architecture &Service Oriented Architecturwe 3
23BBADBF305 Digital Banking Infrastructure and Experience 3
23BBADBF306 IA,Wireframing and Prototyping 4

Semester 4

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF401 Digital Strategy and Ecosystem 3
23BBADBF402 Digital Payments amd Insurance 3
23BBADBF403 Segmentation and CVP Design for Bankst 3
23BBADBF404 Human Resource Management 4
23BBADBF405 Fundamentals of Financial Management 4
23BBADBF406 Cost and Management Accounting 4

Semester 5

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF501 Introduction to Taxation 3
23BBADBF502 Entrepreneurship and International Business 3
23BBADBF503 Banking Service Design &Service Blueprinting 4
23BBADBF504 Product Launch and Usability Testing 3
23BBADBF505 Data Visualization and Dash boarding 3
23BBADBF506 Orgnazation Behavior 3

Semester 6

Course Code Course Credit
23BBADBF601 On the Job Learning 4
23BBADBF602 Project Management 4
23BBADBF603 Capstone project /Industry Internship 10

Job Opportunities The Course Might Lead To

Businesses across a wide range of industry segments are working to enhance the customer experience as a result of the increasing digitalization of goods and services. As a result, there are numerous job openings in sectors of the economy like financial services, banking, insurance, media, education, and hospitality. With the help of BBA in Fintech and Digital Banking programme, our university graduates can explore a variety of career options, such as:

  • Product Manager Fintech
  • Product Marketing Fintech
  • Digital Banking Strategist
  • UX Design Consultant
  • Quantitative Analysts & Data Scientists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Cyber Security Analysts/Experts
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