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B.Sc- Physics (Hons)

B.Sc. Physics (Hons.)

B.Sc. in Physics (Hons.) is a 3/4-year undergraduate program which imparts in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of physics While acquainting students with modern concepts such as Quantum Mechanics and relativity, proceeding over to Academic Mechanics Electrodynamics moving forward with courses like Power and Magnetism, Optics and Waves, and Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Bachelor of Science Physics (Hons.) programme at our School of Allied Science aims to lay a strong foundation in classical and modern Physics. The understudies are here get comprehensive all-round development through the course educational program and the chances to conduct individual research and field trips. Likewise, they will acquire mastery in lab work through adequate practical meetings, preparing them for origination plans and creating research center gear.

This programme floors a solid ground for students to further achieve mastery in Physics application areas. B.Sc. Physics degree exposes students to several topics: Optics, Condensed matter, Relativistic Physics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Wave phenomena, Newtonian Mechanics, Quantum physics, Solid State Physics, and Nuclear Physics. It also delivers a healthy dose of Mathematical topics. These include Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, Complex Analysis, Statistical Techniques, Numerical Techniques and Computing.

Salient Features

  • 19+ years of academic experience
  • Focus on student-centered learning
  • Problem-based learning and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Industry visits, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent researchers and industry practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Eligibility & Fee Details

Duration & Eligibility

3/4 Years (Without / With Research)

The candidate must have passed 10+2 with Physics as a compulsory subject from a recognized board or its equivalent with minimum 45% marks.

*Term and Condition: To pursue a B.Sc. Physics with Research, 75% marks and No Backlog is mandatory.

Fee Structure

Course Total Fees
Academic fee ( Per Sem) ₹ 30000/-

One Time Fee

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) University Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)
₹ 1,500 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 3,000
Exam fees ( Per Semester) 4,500/-

Download Fee Structure

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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1 To develop working knowledge among students in the several introductory and basic level physics courses and mathematical skills to do meticulous physics.
PEO-2 To help students acquire competence in the physics laboratory, which involves exposure to operations related to nearly all fields of physics.
PEO-3 To improve the capacity to examine scientific problems, integrate multiple subfields of physics and familiarize new improvements in other areas of physics.
PEO-4 To enhance the presentation skill and the capacity to communicate scientific data efficiently.
PEO-5 To help students understand professional and moral responsibility towards the domain and in general.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 To nurture students to attain proficiency in physics principles and concepts backed by a sound comprehension of underlying analytical concepts and experimental results.
PSO-2 To help students determine they have acquired laboratory skills, equipping them to take measures in a physics laboratory and examine the data to draw solid conclusions.
PSO-3 To make students capable enough of oral and written scientific communication and help them prove that they can conceive critically and operate independently.
PSO-4 To help students inbuild the ability to take up higher education or operate on interdisciplinary research problems.

Program Grid Structure


Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
23BSMA101 Differential Calculas 3
23BSMA102 Vector Analysis 3
23BSPH101 Mechanics 4
23BSCH101 Inorganic Chemistry - I 4
23LS192 Environmental Studies 2
23BSPH181 Mechanics Lab 2
23BSCH181 Inorganic Chemistry Lab - I 2
VAM103XX Value Added Course - 1 0

Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
22BSMA201 Integral Calculus 3
23BSMA202 Matrices 3
23BSPH201 Electricity and Magnetism 4
23BSCH201 Organic Chemistry - I 4
23LS191 English Communication - I 2
23BSPH281 Electricity and Magnetism Lab 2
23BSCH281 Organic Chemistry Lab - I 2
VAM103XX Value Added Course - I 0
Note: Social Internship is compulsory during summer break in semester II which will be considered for evaluation in semester III.

Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
23LS291 Universal Human Values 2
23AEC391 Ability Enhancement Course - I 2
23OE36X Open Elective I 2
23BSMA301 Trigonometry and its Application 3
23BSMA302 Differntial Equation 3
23BSPH301 Thermal Physics 4
23BSCH301 Physical Chemistry - I 4
23BSPH381 Thermal Physics Lab 2
23BSCH381 Physical Chemistry Lab - I 2
VAM303XX Value Added Course - III 0
22SOCIALIN391 Social Internship 1

Semester 4

Course Code Course Credit
23AEC491 Ability Enhancement Course - II 2
23LS491 Indian Knowledge System 0
23BSMA401 Abstract Algebra 3
23BSMA402 Partial Differential Equation 3
23BSPH401 Wave and Optics 4
23BSCH401 Inorganic Chemistry - II 4
VAM403XX Value Added Course - IV 0
23BSPH481 Waves and Optics Lab 2
23BSPH481 Inorganic Chemistry Lab II 2
Note: Internship is compulsory during summer break in semester IV which will be considered for evolution in semester V.

Semester 5

Course Code Course Credit
23AEC591 Ability Enhancement Course - III 2
23OE56X Open Elective II 2
23BSMA501 Real Analysis 4
23BSMA502 Differential Geometry 4
23BSPH501 *Basic Electronics + Lab 5
23BSPH502 Quantum Mechanics 3
23BSCH501 *Organic Chemistry - II + Lab 5
23BSCH502 Physical Chemistry - II 3
VAM403XX Value Added Course - IV 0
23PSIN391 Internship 1
Student has a Choice to opt for any of our subjects from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics discipline

Semester 6

Course Code Course Credit
23AEC591 Ability Enhancement Course - III 2
23BSMA601 Complex Analysis 4
23BSMA602 Numerical Analysis 4
23BSPH601 Solid State Physics + Lab 5
23BSPH602 Classical Mechanics 3
23BSCH601 Organic Chemistry III + Lab 5
23BSCH602 Analytical Chemistry 3
VAM603XX Value Added Course - VI 0
23PSPR691XX Minor Project 1
Note: Students who wish to opt for research must have secured 75% marks till the VI semester without any backlog.

Semester 7

Course Code Course Credit
23OE76X Open Elective III 2
23BSPH71YY Programme Elective - I 4
23BSPH72YY Programme Elective - II 4
23BSPH73YY Programme Elective - III 4
23BSPH74YY Programme Elective - IV 4
23PHCC103 Research Methodology for Humanities and Social Science 4
23PSPR791X Minor Project 3
23BSPH7281 Digital System and Application Lab 2

Semester 8

Course Code Course Credit
23BSPH81YY Program Elective - V 4
23BSPH81YY Programme Elective - VI 4
23LS891 Indian Constitution 2
23BSPHSE881 Seminar 2
Programme Elective

Programme Elective-I

23BSPH7101 Statistical Mechanics
23BSPH7102 Advanced Mathematical Methods - I

Programme Elective-II

23BSPH7201 Digital System and Application
23BSPH7202 Advance Mathematical methods - II

Programme Elective-III

23BSPH7301 Nano Materials and Applications
23BSPH7301 Medical Physics

Programme Elective-IV

23BSMPH7401 Nuclear Physics
23BSPH7402 Embedded System

Programme Elective-V

23BSPH7501 Astrophysics
23BSPH7502 Numerical Analysis

Programme Elective-VI

23BSPH7601 Atomic and Molecular Physics
23BSPH7602 Laser and Application

Job Opportunities The Course Might Lead To

Graduates with a B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics degree invite high pay jobs over a spectrum of employment. Graduates are extremely valued assets across high-profile divisions, including Aerospace, Energy, Electronics, Engineering, Astronomy, and Research. The various profiles on which the graduates can work are:

  • Research Associate
  • Statistical Investigator
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Geophysicist
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Radiation Protection Practitioner
  • Research Scientist
  • Researcher
  • Technician
  • Scientist
  • Physicist
  • Lecturer
  • Lab Supervisor
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