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Career and opportunities after BBA Degree

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Career and opportunities after BBA Degree

BBA full form Bachelor of Business Administration is the preferred career option for students who want to make a career in management. The BBA degree includes many aspects that train students to become future corporate leaders. The way new companies are opening every day, there are many job opportunities for BBA graduates. With a few years of experience and that BBA degree, you can definitely get a leadership position in any company, and it will be better if you do this work with the Best BBA College in Dehradun Uttarakhand.

Introduction to BBA

A BBA is a highly specialized business course. This course's goal is to teach students difficult business concepts such as accounting, operations, finance, operations, and economics. Students are required to learn about topics including business ethics, marketing tactics, and business economics in this course. To advance your career, you can select from a number of specialties offered through this course. A bachelor's degree in business administration could be your best choice if you wish to enter these industries.

Why choose a BBA course?

When it comes to choosing the right bachelor's course, there are many options available. Whether you are planning to study abroad or in India, you will find that courses like BBA, BCom, etc. are often studied by students. Why do most students choose to study BBA courses? The following are a few of the explanations for this:
  • Enhancing the Knowledge Base

     BBA is a powerful force in the administrative sphere that you can readily combine with your chosen specialism. You can learn about branding and marketing in addition to accounting and business management knowledge.
  • Personality Development

    Taking up a trending course like BBA will give you an edge over others, as this course aims to impart essential skills to the students, which help in enhancing their personality traits.
  • Career Opportunities

    BBA graduates have always been in demand in the corporate sector. You can easily acquire top career positions in reputable companies after completing a BBA program.

Benefits of doing BBA

  • After earning a BBA, you can work in the government or the IT industry.
  • The BBA program teaches you a variety of corporate activities.
  • After doing a BBA course, you get the ability to easily start your own business in the future.
  • If you want to do an MBA after BBA, then it is beneficial for you. After that, you get employment opportunities in many great fields.

BBA (Course Syllabus)

The following are the subjects of the BBA course:
  • Financial management
  • principal of marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Competencies and Personality Development
  • Supply chain management
  • The Basics of Rural Development
  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Business math
  • Business Accounting

BBA course duration

The BBA course is 3 years, consisting of 6 semesters. There are many colleges in India that conduct the exam only thrice during these 3 years, which means there is no semester system. Each semester you have both practical and theoretical classes, and at the end of the semester, you have to take both practical and theoretical exams. Many colleges give you the opportunity to specialize in the third year, i.e., between the fifth and sixth semesters.

Learning Skills in the BBA Course

The following skills are given priority in the BBA course:
  • management skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • multitasking skills
  • banking skills

In the BBA program, which specialization should you pursue?

There are 3 main specializations in BBA:
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Human Resource Management

Further study options after BBA

Continuing your education in related professions is the most popular alternate route after earning a BBA degree. After the BBA, universities in India and overseas offer a variety of courses. The two most popular choices are the MBA and PGDM. However, courses like CA and advanced degrees in specialized fields are also pursued by the candidates. The following are the majority of the post-BBA study options:
  • MBA
  • PGDM
  • LLB
  • Chartered accountant
  • PG Diploma in Banking
  • MMS
  • Master in Finance Management
  • PG certification in data science
  • Masters in Digital Marketing

Jobs and Salary after doing BBA

If you wish to work after earning your BBA, there are numerous opportunities available to you. I'll go into more depth below. After completing this course, you can apply for positions in the private and public sectors, as well as in sales and marketing.
Job Profile Average Annual Salary (INR)
A Business Development Executive ₹ 3 to 5 lakh
Executive Assistant ₹ 2.5 to 3 lakh
Marketing Executive ₹ 6 to 8 lakh
The Travel & Tourism Manager ₹ 3.5 to 5 lakh
Event Manager ₹ 4.5 to 6 lakh
Account Manager ₹ 4 to 5 lakh
Brand Manager ₹ 5 to 7 lakh


Administrative abilities are crucial for development and should be kept in mind by every prospective management professional. Additionally, as a BBA graduate, you ought to be able to utilize resources to their fullest potential in order to help the affiliated firm expand quickly. You should be able to manage several facets of any business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and technology, on the one hand, and be skilled at making critical strategic decisions with regard to managing people, on the other.  
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