Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

One of the most technologically advanced design disciplines is civil engineering. This area has evolved over time into a discipline of engineering that addresses problems facing the broader population by applying logical and physical norms. In addition to four-year bachelor degree programmes in 2 different areas of civil engineering (B.Tech in Construction Engineering and Management, and B.Tech Geo-Informatics Engineering), the department of civil engineering offers a Master's degree programme in civil engineering (viz., Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geo technical Engineering). The laboratories offer all the necessary facilities for advanced study in particular areas of civil engineering. The Department is renowned for having highly qualified faculty with knowledge in a variety of subjects. It has developed a significant research potential. The department's faculty members keep raising the bar by performing high-caliber research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and educating students on the most recent technological advancements. Additionally, the faculty provides technical guidance on current engineering issues to numerous government and private sector businesses across the nation.


The vision of the Department of Civil Engineering is to achieve unique identity by development of knowledge resources and highly competent Civil Engineers in various fields of Civil Engineering to meet local, national, and global economic and social needs.


Development of any country is not possible until and unless it has world class infrastructure use facilities in every field. The mission of the department is to create a knowledge hub and to teach and train young individuals in accordance with the latest industrial requirements and inculcate in them feeling of self-confidence and creative thinking so they can tackle any problem in the field of civil engineering.

Concrete Lab:

The Concrete Laboratory's main objective is to conduct research to improve concrete infrastructure that is stronger, more resilient, affordable, and sustainable.

Environment Lab:

An environmental laboratory includes a staff of lab technicians that are specially trained in testing for contaminants that affect the environment and human and wildlife health.

Geology Lab:

The Engineering Geology Laboratory provides testing services for ground and construction materials, such as soils, rocks, and aggregates, to determine and evaluate their physical, mechanical, and geotechnical properties.

Geotechnical Lab:

The Geotechnical Laboratory is well-equipped with testing equipment for evaluating all engineering properties of soils and rocks, including index properties, compaction characteristics of soils, hydraulic characteristics, compressibility, rate of consolidation, and sheer strength.

Structural Analysis Lab:

The lab uses such equipments for structural testing on newly developed structures of many different shapes, forms, sizes, and materials. Verifying the structural performance and specific properties of materials facilitates practical use.

Surveying Lab:

The Surveying Laboratory is well equipped with the instruments and tools that students use throughout the surveying course. Surveying Laboratory contains measuring instruments for distance, vertical and horizontal angles, and elevation.

Transport Laboratory:

The Transportation Engineering lab does quality assurance and quality control tests for the roads. Transportation engineering surveys are also conducted in the lab and students learn to conduct spot speed studies, volume counts, and conflict studies for preparing road improvement plans to enhance road safety.

Mr. ASHUVENDRA SINGH - Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator-modified (1)


Assistant Professor

Mr. Lakshman Singh - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Mr. Lakshman Singh

Assistant Professor

Mr. Tushar Kishore Verma - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Mr. Tushar Kishore Verma

Assistant Professor

Ms Tabish Ansari - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Ms Tabish Ansari

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sunita Danu - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Ms. Sunita Danu

Assistant Professor

Ms. Priyanka Kumari - asst. prof.-modified

Ms. Priyanka Kumari

Assistant Professor

Ms. Yashudha Pande - Asst. Prof.-modified

Ms. Yashudha Pande

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ankit Belwal - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Mr. Ankit Belwal

Assistant Professor


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