Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Since the establishment of the Department of Electrical Engineering, it has been a key player in creating highly skilled scientists and technologists. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes like Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) - EEE, Master of Technology (M.Tech ) - Electrical Engineering with specialization in smart grid to meet the department's commitment to technical excellence in all facets of Electrical Engineering, which is a constant challenge. The Department not only offers great undergraduate programmes, but it has also been a trailblazer in generating postgraduate students and research scholars of the highest caliber. The infrastructure and lab facilities are regularly upgraded and give students and researchers enough possibilities to learn and invent. The department boasts an accomplished faculty with degrees from prestigious Indian universities.


The vision of the Department of Civil Engineering is to achieve unique identity by development of knowledge resources and highly competent Civil Engineers in various fields of Civil Engineering to meet local, national, and global economic and social needs.


Development of any country is not possible until and unless it has world class infrastructure use facilities in every field. The mission of the department is to create a knowledge hub and to teach and train young individuals in accordance with the latest industrial requirements and inculcate in them feeling of self-confidence and creative thinking so they can tackle any problem in the field of civil engineering.

Control System Lab:

The Control Systems Lab in the Department of Engineering Technology contains a variety of laboratory equipment used in design and experimentation of digital and analog electromechanical feedback control systems.


In EMMI laboratory various practical based on measuring instruments are conducted. The lab comprises of quality instruments like Potentiometers, AC & DC Bridges.

Machine Lab:

The Laboratory is equipped with conventional and modern Electrical and Electronics measuring equipments, various AC and DC electrical machines, and transformers.

Power Electronics Lab:

The lab aims at imparting practical knowledge of power electronics to the students at various levels i.e. DEPM, B. Tech, and M. Tech. It is accordingly well equipped with equipment's and trainer kits to teach practical lessons from fundamentals to high level concepts to the students.

Power System Lab:

The Power Systems Lab stresses student familiarity and experience with electrically-operated equipment and devices and the wide variety and use of electric motors, generators, speed drive control, transformers, and electrical power distribution.

Mr. Ankit Saini - Assistant Professor-modified

Mr. Ankit Saini

Assistant Professor

Ms. Preeti Verma - Assistant Professor-modified

Ms. Preeti Verma

Assistant Professor

Mr. Paramjeet Singh Paliyal - Assistant Professor-modified

Mr. Paramjeet Singh Paliyal

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shiv Saurabh-Assistant Professor-modified

Mr. Shiv Saurabh

Assistant Professor


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