Department of Forestry

Department of Forestry

The state of Uttarakhand, which has about 65% of its land covered in forests, provides numerous chances for individuals pursuing graduation and postgraduate degrees in forestry. Since the University's establishment, forestry has been taught as a discipline, with consideration for the socio-economic and cultural significance of forests in the Himalaya. In this area, people and forests have coexisted peacefully for many years. With the exception of the first period of its establishment, the department has expanded its scope into numerous forestry-related fields, particularly in relation to hills.The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) -Hons. in Forestry programme will now be offered as an undergraduate and graduate degree by the department of forestry. In the upcoming years, the Department will need to play a crucial role in the development of forestry education in this isolated area with a natural laboratory to aid in the growth of the state's economy and the management of the nation's forests.


Being a pioneer in the creation and dissemination of research and technology for the comprehension, management, and preservation of natural systems, of which humans are an essential component.


We strive to address the problems with the sustainability of natural resources through education and training, cutting-edge research, innovation, and outreach in light of the changing nature of the world.

Forestry Lab:

Forest Laboratory is well equipped with Sliding and Rotary Microtomes, Image analysis system, Autostainer, Automatic Razor Sharpener, Research Microscope, Electrical & Electronic balances.

Mr. Subham Thapliyal -Assistant Professor-modified

Mr. Subham Thapliyal

Assistant Professor

Mr. Khaidem Hitler Singh - Assistant Professor-modified (1)

Mr. Khaidem Hitler Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anita Chauhan - Head - Forestry-modified

Dr. Anita Chauhan

Head Forestry


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