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Engineering Civil Engineering

One of the most technologically advanced design disciplines is civil engineering. This area has evolved over time into a discipline of engineering that addresses problems facing the broader population by applying logical and physical norms. In addition to four-year bachelor degree programmes in civil engineering, the department also offers Master's degree programme in civil engineering (viz., Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geo technical Engineering). The laboratories offer all the necessary facilities for advanced study in particular areas of civil engineering. The Department is renowned for having highly qualified faculty with knowledge in a variety of subjects. It has developed a significant research potential.

Our Courses

B.Tech. - Civil Engineering
B.Tech. - Civil Engineering
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B.Tech. - Civil Engineering
M.Tech. - Civil Engineering
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Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Departmental Laboratories

Concrete Lab

Concrete Lab

The Concrete Laboratory's main objective is to conduct research to improve concrete infrastructure that is stronger, more resilient, affordable, and sustainable.

Concrete Lab

Environment Lab

An environmental laboratory includes a staff of lab technicians that are specially trained in testing for contaminants that affect the environment and human and wildlife health.

Concrete Lab

Geology Lab

The Engineering Geology Laboratory provides testing services for ground and construction materials, such as soils, rocks, and aggregates, to determine and evaluate their physical, mechanical, and geotechnical properties.

Concrete Lab

Geotechnical Lab

The Geotechnical Laboratory is well-equipped with testing equipment for evaluating all engineering properties of soils and rocks, including index properties, compaction characteristics of soils, hydraulic characteristics, compressibility, rate of consolidation, and sheer strength.

Concrete Lab

Structural Analysis Lab

The lab uses such equipments for structural testing on newly developed structures of many different shapes, forms, sizes, and materials. Verifying the structural performance and specific properties of materials facilitates practical use.

Concrete Lab

Surveying Lab

The Surveying Laboratory is well equipped with the instruments and tools that students use throughout the surveying course. Surveying Laboratory contains measuring instruments for distance, vertical and horizontal angles, and elevation.

Concrete Lab

Transport Laboratory

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Our Distinguished Faculties

Mr. Tushar Verma

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