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Engineering Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the School of Engineering and Computing, DBUU has always been dedicated towards the promotion of visionary education and cutting-edge research. The department works tirelessly to provide and maintain a learning environment that is supportive of the best possible levels of both teaching and research. Developing human resources with solid theoretical, systemic, and application-based understanding of computer science and engineering is the aim. The department is dedicated to encouraging students and researchers to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of computer science and engineering while maintaining a focus on excellence and delivering top-notch services to meet the demands of the technical education system, business, and society. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has B.Tech courses with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cyber Security & Forensics, Data Science, Cloud Computing & Virtualization, Computer Science & Engineering along with M.Tech course as well with specialization in computer Science and Engineering.

Our Courses

B.Tech. - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
B.Tech. - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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B.Tech. -  Cyber Security & Forensics
B.Tech. - Cyber Security & Forensics

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B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering

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B.Tech Data Science (With imaginXP)
B.Tech. - Data Science (With imaginXP)
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B.Tech Blockchain Technology
B.Tech. - Blockchain Technology
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B.Tech Robotics Process Automation
B.Tech. - Robotics Process Automation
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M.Tech- Computer Science & Engineeringn
M.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering
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Admissions Open-2024

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Departmental Laboratories


Data-Analytics Lab

The Data Analytics Laboratory investigates topics related to data analysis and organization at large scale.


Linux-Unix Lab

This lab is used to provide students exposure in the areas of Operating Systems & Systems Development.


Networking Lab

The main research objective of the lab are computer networks and progressive network infrastructures emphasizing the issue of the information transfer of the multimedia nature with the required quality of services parameters (QoS).


Python Lab

This lab is used to provide students exposure in the areas of Python. It provide a learning space to the students for a better understanding of Java and its applications.


Programming & Oracle Lab

Main objective of this lab is to introduce students to the field of programming using C, C++, Java languages. The students will be able to enhance their analyzing and problem solving skills and use the same for writing programs in C, C++, Java etc.


Our Distinguished Faculties

Mr. Subhashish Goswami
Mr. Rohit Goyal
Mr. Arjun Singh
Mr. Rahul Bhatt
Mr. Ajeet Kumar
Mr. Govind Singh Panwar
Mr. Naseem Ahmad
Mr. Arif Ali Chauhan
Mr. Dhajvir Singh Rai
Mr. Kuldeep Bahuguna
Mr. Manoj Singh Adhikari
Mr. Mohit Saini
Mr. Mukesh Kumar
Mr. Mukesh Rajput
Mr. Piyush Anand
Mr. Rakesh Arya
Mr. Rishav Vashisht
Mr. Sajid Ali
Mr. Somnath Bhattacharya
Mr. Sukesh Kumar
Mr. Sumit Bumbak
Mr. Vikas Kumar
Mr. Yudhveer Singh Moudgil
Ms. Sadhana Bhatt
Ms. Apurva Sharma
Ms. Gunjan Bhatnagar
Ms. Jayshree Agrawal
Ms. Nishi Agarwal
Ms. Vrinda Tandon