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DUAI Certified
Drone Certification Course

This course is designed to meet the needs of beginners in the field of drone technology as well as those who are keen on maintaining themselves updated with the recent trends of the technology. For a beginner, we hope that it will whet their appetite for learning more about at least one of the technology fields and demonstrate the importance of even the most basic mathematical treatment of these subjects in permitting an understanding of the tradeoffs that must occur during the system design process. We hope that it will create an awareness of how system technology affects the accomplishment of objectives of UAVs and the tactics that the operator must use to make that happen for a UAV user or operator.

Who can get certified?

Anyone interested in drone technology with an age of a minimum of 18 years. Preferably the learner should have completed his 12th with some sound technical, and mathematical background. The learner should be able to read and interpret the technical stuff with the need of applications with the due care required professionally.


What will you learn?

  • Understand the rules and regulations of drone flying in India.
  • Identify the proper components for the fully controlled and sophisticated drone.
  • To understand the need and importance of software in the industries like agriculture, construction, and power transmission industry.
  • To work with images captured through Applications for processing and analysis required as per the application and type of the industry.
  • To inculcate the decision-making abilities for the safety of drones and society with performance analysis through the stack of DUAI software.

Benefits of Certification

  • Learn the best available technology stack for the best professional outcome.
  • Validate your knowledge and determine your commitment to continued learning.
  • Boost your skills and confidence by being a certified expert in the drone domain.
  • Make your Mark in the growing Drone Industry with an established certification program.
  • Add value to your profile with the Certificate of Excellence.
  • Provide a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing market.
  • Contribute to making India a Global Drone Hub by 2030.

  • Basics of drone technology and terminology
  • Overview of different types of drones and their applications
  • Introduction to drone regulations and laws governing drone operation
  • Understanding airspace classifications and restrictions
  • Safety protocols and best practices for drone operation

  • Hands-on instruction on how to fly a drone safely and effectively
  • Practice sessions to develop basic flying skills, maneuvers, and techniques
  • Flight simulation exercises to simulate real-world scenarios and challenges
  • Understanding flight controls, GPS navigation, and emergency procedures

  • Techniques for capturing high-quality photos and videos using a drone
  • Understanding camera settings, framing, and composition
  • Practical exercises and demonstrations for aerial photography and videography
  • Post-processing techniques for enhancing aerial footage

  • Planning and executing drone missions for various applications (e.g., mapping, surveying, inspection)
  • Using software tools for flight planning, route optimization, and data analysis
  • Understanding mission parameters, risk assessment, and contingency planning
  • Practical exercises and simulations for mission planning and execution

  • Legal implications of drone operation, including privacy concerns and liability issues
  • Ethical considerations related to drone use in different contexts
  • Exploration of real-world use cases and industries where drones are employed
  • Opportunities for hands-on projects or case studies to apply course concepts in practical scenarios