Welcome to
the National Hackathon Lakshagriha 3.O!!

LAKSHAGRIHA HACKATHON 3.0 Objectives of hackathon is to establish the ideal environment for creating and refining great ideas.

AIM of the Event

  • Main aim of Hackathon is to Improve Learning opportunity and Spark Innovation.
  • This also provide students to practice their skills with Real-Life Problems.
  • Through hackathon quiz competition, Students builds confidence.
  • They can be used to build Entrepreneurship and Career Planning.

They can help Students to Face Challenges and to overcome obstacles and challenges.

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Last Date to Register
04 May, 2024 CLICK HERE

Event Date
06-07 May, 2024

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University

What are the typical objectives of hackathon?

  • Reinforce University values
  • Help the University’s existing students pool based on the presentation skills, team collaboration ability, etc.
  • Drive engagement by focusing on self-directed and dynamic learning
  • Develop a diverse and flexible work environment by encouraging empowered teams
  • Promote transparency in the management by facilitating talent mobility and ensuring a culture of recognition
  • Identify people with the right skills and attitudes

What are the benefits of hackathons?

Internal hackathons are an excellent way to drive innovation within the company. If done well, periodic hackathons can help to:

  • The only way you can be consistently innovative is when the pace at which you are generating creative ideas and testing prototypes is higher than the pace at which your external factors are changing.

  • More experiments allow you to test out a large set of hypotheses and conducting not-so-perfect experiments also means that the cost of failure is low while giving you many insights. Internal hackathons are the perfect environment for rapidly prototype and test validity and feasibility before full implementation.

  • Hackathons help to quickly check the feasibility of some of the ideas that can be taken up in the immediate roadmap. The dedicated time that one gets during the hackathon along with the competitive spirit and adrenaline rush can accelerate product development.

  • Even though all ideas generated at a hackathon don’t get implemented, they can become a good reference list for future road-map discussions.

  • This can facilitate collaboration between different teams but also give engineering teams a better perspective on the customer and make the non- engineering teams more vested in the product.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Teams can consist of a maximum of 4 people.
  • Committee members are not able to join the hackathon as a participant
  • Registration fee: 1200 Rs. Per Team
  • You will have a budget of 100 Rs. per team to spend on snakes or other third-party costs.
  • All projects must be submitted via University given link.

Be the first student to attempt the challenge!!



  • Hackathon is a national level coding competition for a group of teams competing for solving problems.
  • Maximum members in a Team - 4 Coders


  • All the points accumulated in the case type and the open-ended project will get added to the leaderboard.
  • Each student will be ranked based on the points accumulated during the event. The higher points, the higher you are on the leaderboard.

Organizing Committee

General Chair Dr. Ritika Mehra
Convener Mr. Govind S Panwar
Technical Committee Dr. Rohit Goyal
Mr. Rakesh Arya
Mr. Dhajvir Singh Rai
Mr. Mukesh Rajput
Ms. Gunjan Bhatnagar
Mr. Arif Ali
Mr. Manoj Adhikari
Hackathon Committee