Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is an unit designed to keep track of DBUU's quality criteria. The membership of the IQAC is determined by the National Assessment Accreditation Committee's (NAAC) recommendations.


The IQAC is expected to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Formulation and execution of quality benchmarks/parameters for the institution's numerous academic and administrative tasks.
  • Working on developing a learner-centered environment characterized by high education and the maturation of teachers to embrace the necessary technology and knowledge for participative learning and teaching.
  • Organize for students, parents, and other stakeholders to provide input on quality-related institutional processes.
  • Data on numerous higher education quality metrics is distributed.
  • Intra and inter seminars, lectures on reliability topics, and quality circles promotion.
  • Documentation of the many performance improvement activities and programs.
  • Serving as the Institution's nodal agency for coordinating quality-related initiatives, such as the adoption and dissemination of best practices.
  • For the purpose of maintaining/improving institutional quality, MIS is used to develop and maintain institutional databases.
  • Improving the institution's quality culture.
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) preparation in accordance with NAAC criteria and parameters, to be submitted to NAAC.


The IQAC will develop practices and approaches to:

  • Verify that educational, organizational, and economic activities are completed on time, effective, and progressive manner.
  • Research and academic programmes' relevance and quality.
  • Accessibility to and availability of academic programmes for people from all walks of life.
  • Teaching- learning approaches are optimized and integrated.
  • Evaluation processes reliability.
  • Ensure that the support structure and services are adequate, maintained, and functional.
  • Collaboration with other Indian and international institutes on research.


IQAC will assist/contribute in the following ways:

  • Enable higher level of clarity and focus in institutional operations in order to improve quality.
  • Ensure that the quality culture is internalized
  • Assure that the institution's varied activities are enhanced and coordinated, and that all good practices are institutionalized.
  • To improve institutional performance, provide a solid foundation for decision-making.
  • Serve as a dynamic system for HEI quality adjustments.
  • Create an organized documentation and internal communication technique.

Results of IQAC Operations

  • NAAC Certification
  • NIRF's ranking
  • The University's annual reports
  • Questionnaires and/or surveys have been used to rank the media houses
  • Continuous improvement in university academic and non-academic activities
  • Student/alumni/faculty/employer/parent feedback evaluation