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Aspiring to become a healthcare hero? Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Science, one of the top paramedical colleges in Dehradun, offers professional programs designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this rewarding field. We foster a stimulating and fruitful environment where you can thrive in your paramedical education and research. Our commitment to a healthy academic atmosphere ensures you gain the foundation needed to become a good professional, ready to make a difference in patients' lives. As a paramedic, you'll be a healthcare worker qualified to provide advanced emergency medical care to critically ill and injured patients. While your role shares some similarities with that of EMTs, your significantly more extensive education and training grant you greater autonomy and responsibility, allowing you to manage complex situations effectively.

Programmes Offered

School Highlights

A legacy and a Degree

A Legacy and a degree

TThe course at the Department is affiliated by Indian Paramedical Council (IPC).

Industry Practitioners As Faculty

Interdisciplinary Approach

The well-researched and advanced course curriculum followed at the institute provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure.

Laboratories and research center

Experiential Learning

The on-campus hospital helps students learn practical skills by giving them extensive exposure and training.

Industry practitioners as faculty

Practitioners and industry experts as faculty

Includes a competent team of experienced and dedicated faculty member from reputed nursing colleges and universities, who impart quality education on students, assisting them in developing expertise and in-depth understanding of the nursing field.

Experiential Learning

Placement Opportunities

The institute provides students with the best employment opportunities. With the placement rate of 73%, the institute reached the position of best placement college in Uttarakhand.

DR. AJEYATA PANWAR - Dean, Paramedical

Dean's Message

Welcome to Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Sciences! We are honored to have you join our esteemed institution, dedicated to educating compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals.

We believe true education empowers individuals to serve. Our dedicated faculty will guide you beyond textbooks and classrooms, fostering both knowledge and strong moral character. You'll be encouraged to actively learn, pursue your passion, and develop the ethical values needed to excel in the paramedical field and make a positive impact on society.

Dr. Ajeyata Panwar

Faculties at Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Sciences

Naresh Khanduri
Heena Hasan Ansari
Minal Choudhary
Neelam Bhatt
Samiksha Madhwal
Shruti Jain
Akash Panwar
Ashith Tripathi
Sonia Kukreti
Suraj Jaguri
Aprna Uniyal
Deepa Bisht
Shilpa Bisht
Stuti Upadhyay
Trisha Tyagi


  • To engage students in complete Health Care Services continues to strive for betterment.
  • Its core structure is to attend to patient- needs of all kinds and improvise healthcare systems in all possible ways to match the future demands.


  • To inculcate high moral, ethical and professional standards among students and to improve their overall personality as well as to inculcate compassionate behavior.
  • We prepare students from around the country for degree completion. Successful transfer, career achievement, lifelong learning, and civic participation.
  • To practice medicine ethically in line with the global standard protocols.

SOEC Students, DBUU
SOEC Students, DBUU
SOEC Students, DBUU

Placement Highlights

of class placed by
leading companies
12 LPA
Highest CTC
Average CTC
Students had multiple job offers and Pre-placement offers

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Student Speak
DBUU Student

It was a immense fortune to be the part of dbuu. My experience at Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Sciences has been very wonderful till now.I have learnt a lot,not just academically but in all aspect of career development.Faculty members have been supportive throughout. The all time support and motivation of faculty members has enlightened me. The quality education we receive with the accordance of seminar,study tour and education friendly environment. I will always be obliged to the college management for giving their best to me.

DBUU Student

DBUU, which was DBIT back then, it is a self governed private university with well management system and highly qualified faculties. I chose this university because of its infrastructure, education, and location, which is situated in a quiet and pleasant area surrounded by trees. After becoming a part of this university, I got to know more about the different culture and religion of our country since students from every part of the country come to study here and also due to cultural and other activities conducted by the university. Apart from education teachers here also helps to build our self confidence by providing lots of opportunities in such activities. Lastly Iam very proud to be DBUUIANS.

DBUU Student

In this university, all our teachers are extremely knowledgeable, and they're always eager to help us in our time of need. And the friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting Education at Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Sciences made me a curricular-long. Lastly, I am really proud to be a student at DBUU.

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