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List of Patents

Title of Patent Name of the Innovator Patent Number Status
Multi-Functional Smart Wardrobe Device Arjun, Rahul Bhatt 202111032583 Published
Automatic Floor Cable Management System Sunny Verma, Arjun 202111032582 Published
Smart Nail Grooming Device Dr. Muneesh Sethi, Sunny Verma 202111032585 Published
Automatic Food Processing Device Tejraj Sharma, Mukesh Pathela 202111032584 Published
Smart Matchstick Box Shubhashish Goswami, Dhajvir 202111032586 Published
Automatic Ironing Device Muneesh Sethi, Arjun 202111032571 Published
Electrical Ignition Device Arjun , Digvijay Singh 202111032572 Published
Multipurpose Stationary Device Dr. Muneesh Sethi, Subhashish Goswami 202111032567 Published
Green Waste Management System Dr. R. K. Tripathi, Arjun 202111032568 Published
Restaurant Reservation System Rahul Bhatt, Shubhashish Goswami 202111032573 Published
Multifunctional Spoon Device Dr. R. K. Tripathi, Arjun 202111032570 Published
Multi-Functional Nut Cracking Device Dr. Muneesh Sethi, Dr. R. K. Tripathi 202111032569 Published
Hair Grooming Device Mukesh Pathela, Tejraj 202111032575 Published
Smart Cutting Device Dr. Muneesh Sethi, Dr. R. K. Tripathi 202111032574 Published
Liquid Vending Machine Dhajvir, Rahul Bhatt 202111032576 Published
Deep Learning model to detect the suspected videos or images using deepfakes technique Mr. Mukesh Pathela, Dr. Vishal Ramola, Dr. Vipul Sharma 202111047755 Published
To Analyze he walking behaviour of elderly people using smart Footwear and deep learning Dr Ritika Mehra, Dr Ashish Gupta, Mr Vikas Thapa, Ms Afsar Jahan, Ms Gunjan Bhatnagar 202111053468 Published
IOT Based wearable sensor for diseases predction and analysis of symptom in healhcare Dr. Ashish Gupta,Dr.Sunil Ghildiyal,Dr.Mukeesh Kumar,Satya Jeet Singh,atul Kumar,Neha singh 202111046880 Published
An IOT and Machine Learning Based Healt care Management Technique for modern Medical Processes Dr. Gesu Thakur 202111055039 Published
Deep Learning Model for predicting severity prognosis in patients in infected with COVID-19 Dr. Gesu Thakur 202121036722 Published
SDLOG: An Intelligence Device for the detection of Stress Level using IOMT Mr. Dhajvir Singh Rai 202111050630 Published
IOT Based Water Leak Detection Deployment in Smart Home Mr. Dhajvir Singh Rai,Mukesh Panday,Dev Baloni,Dr.Harendra Kumar,Madhur Thapliyal,Neha Gupta 202111059841 Published
Eye Directive Wheel Chair Mukesh Pathela,Dr.Vishal Ramola,Dr. Vipul Sharma 202111012472 Published
An apparatus and technique for representing multidimensional datafor a cell using deep learning methods Mr. Shubhashish Goswami,Mr.Somanath Das,Ketan Anand,Dr. P.Sures 202111028992 Published
IoT based Agriculture Robot for Pesticides Spraying Akhilesh Pandey 359313-001 Published
Sustained-Release Pharmaceutical Compositions Comprising a Therapeutic Agent for Treating Diseases due to Reduced Bone Density or Cartilage Loss and Uses Dr. Sayantan Mukhopadhyay,Sakshi Garg, Harsh Rastogi,Himanshi Rathaur,Ankita Pokhriyal,Himansu Chopra 202211009421 Published
Preparation method for microcapsule powder using advanced technique Mohit kumar, Ashuvendra Singh,Dinesh kumar,Dr.Amit Shrma,Nitish kumar Arya, Damit kumar,Pooja Sharma,Ashna kohli 202211015630 Published
Crop Framing Recommendation System in India Using Deep Learning Dr. Ritika Mehra, Dr. Ashish Gupta, Mr. Ankit Maithani, Mr. Akhilesh Pandey, Mr. Mukesh Rajput 202211013699 Published
AN IOT Based Real Time Surveillance System Dr.Parsant Kumar ,Manish Bhargava, Prof.Vaishak N L,Dr. Anil Sharma, 202231015468 Published
Camera lens dirt protection guard based on air shield Akhilesh Pandey 202211014383 Published
Atificaical Intelligence based solar power smart hat for physically challenged Akhilesh Pandey 363067-001 Published
Title of Patent Name of the Innovator Patent Number Status
An oral tablet composition comprising active pharmaceutical ingredient suitable for the treatment of autothagy modulation- associated diseases Mohd. Junaid 202211003036 A Published
Sustain release pharmaceutical composition comprising of a therapeutic agent for treating diseases due to reduce bone density or cartilage loss and uses Dr.Sayantan Mukhopadhyay 202211009421 A Published
Pharmacy formulation preparation system and preparing for individual Mr. Mohit Kumar 202211018429A Published
Preparation methods for microcapsule powder using advanced techniques Mr. Mohit Kumar 202211015630A Published
Formulation of organic components control of infection for diabetic patients Dr. Nawaz Mahammed 202241032939A Published
Device for dispensing tablets Prof (Dr.) Preeti Kothiyal 370635-001 Granted
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