Ph.D. in Biotech

Ph.D. Biotech

A Ph.D. in Biotechnology is among the highest academic achievements in the field of Biotechnology. This program equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to conduct cutting-edge research in the realm of Biotechnology. Aspiring researchers in this program are expected to contribute their findings to leading international journals and conferences relevant to their area of expertise. This program attracts students from diverse backgrounds, both nationally and internationally, all driven by the shared goal of advancing knowledge in Biotechnology.

Ph.D. candidates in Biotechnology embark on a journey that involves extensive research and the development of a comprehensive thesis. This process entails delving deeply into a specific research topic, encompassing idea formulation, rigorous scientific analysis, problem definition, literature review, experimentation, and data analysis. Typically, students select their research area with guidance from faculty during their initial year while completing relevant coursework. Subsequently, they progress through coursework, defend their thesis proposal, and ultimately defend their completed thesis. Successful completion of these requirements culminates in the attainment of a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, signifying expertise and significant contributions to the field

Salient Features

  • 19+ years of excellence
  • Aside from general coursework, students will be equipped with several certification courses
  • Project-based practical pedagogy to make the students comprehend the problems in the present world
  • Problem-based learning and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Focus on student-centered learning
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Industry visits, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent researchers and industry practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Admissions Open-2024

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Fee Structure

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Course Total Fee
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Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1 Professional Excellence: Graduates will demonstrate a high level of competence and professionalism in their chosen field, applying their knowledge effectively to solve complex problems and meet industry standards.
PEO-2 Continuous Learning: Graduates will engage in lifelong learning, staying updated with the latest advancements in their discipline, and adapting to evolving technologies and practices.
PEO-3 Leadership and Collaboration: Graduates will exhibit leadership qualities and the ability to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, effectively communicating their ideas and solutions.
PEO-4 Ethical and Social Responsibility: Graduates will practice their profession with a strong commitment to ethical standards, considering the societal and environmental impacts of their work.
PEO-5 Global Perspective: Graduates will be culturally aware and able to work in diverse global settings, addressing challenges and opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 Technical Expertise: Graduates will possess a deep understanding of the core concepts, theories, and practical applications specific to their field of study.
PSO-2 Problem Solving: Graduates will be proficient in identifying, formulating, and solving complex problems within their specialized domain, using appropriate methodologies and tools.
PSO-3 Innovation and Research: Graduates will demonstrate the ability to conduct research, develop innovative solutions, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field.
PSO-4 ffective Communication: Graduates will communicate technical information clearly and persuasively, both in written and oral forms, to diverse audiences.
PSO-4 Professional Development: Graduates will exhibit skills related to professional development, including project management, teamwork, and adaptability, enhancing their employability and career progression.

Job Opportunities
The Course Might Lead To

The course opens up a plethora of promising job opportunities across various sectors. Graduates can explore careers in fields such as:

  • Biotech Research Scientist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Genetics Counselor
  • Pharmaceutical Researcher
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Biomanufacturing Technician
  • Environmental Biotechnologist
  • Agronomist
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Data Analyst in Biotech
  • Biotech Product Manager
  • Biotech Entrepreneur
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Healthcare Consultant in Biotech
  • Science Writer
  • Patent Examiner
  • Food Technologist
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Genomics Researcher
Job Opportunities