Reason to pursue BAMS Degree

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May 12, 2022

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Reason to pursue BAMS Degree

Reason to pursue BAMS Degree

Choosing the correct professional route after high school is one of the most important life decisions that any student must make at the best BAMS college in Dehradun. It is critical to keep track of changes in society and the world around us in order to make informed decisions. Natural treatments, as well as holistic and preventive care, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. This is why the importance of Ayurveda as a medical system and the BAMS colleges in Dehradun is growing every day around the world. Furthermore, in the approaching decades, lifestyle diseases and mental health ailments such as depression are predicted to be the most pressing health concerns for humanity. Traditional medicine has repeatedly demonstrated that it is the best alternative for treating such health conditions by restoring the holistic balance of body and mind without causing harm to the patient through side effects. Ayurveda uses lifestyle modifications to provide complete preventative and therapeutic methods. So, after earning a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery (BAMS) degree, what are your employment options? Most individuals believe that after earning a BAMS degree from BAMS college in Uttarakhand, the sole employment option is to practice medicine. Beyond medical practice, those who complete the five-and-a-half-year BAMS degree have a variety of intriguing professional opportunities.

Prospects for a Career After a BAMS Degree

Take a look at the numerous employment options available after earning a BAMS degree.
  1. Ayurvedic medical practice: Ayurvedic doctors are in high demand in both the public and private sectors in India. A BAMS degree also prepares you for private practice and entrepreneurship. Before starting out on your own, it's a good idea to shadow a well-known Ayurvedic doctor for at least one to two years to obtain expertise. Outside of India, Ayurveda is gaining popularity. Ayurveda clinics of well-known Indian hospital chains in the Middle East attract a lot of traffic and are frequented not only by expatriate Indians, but also by individuals from India's neighboring nations including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  2. Medical tourism and entrepreneurship: As Panchakarma therapy becomes more popular around the world, panchakarma therapy centers assist the government to obtain vital foreign exchange while also providing BAMS students with lucrative business opportunities. BAMS students can add a Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma to their degree and specialize in Panchakarma therapy. Students with an entrepreneurial spirit can create their own Panchakarma therapy centers and profit from the growing Ayurveda medical tourism industry in places like Kerala.
  3. Clinical research in Ayurveda: Clinical research and evidence-based validation of Ayurveda medicine are critical for the advancement of Ayurveda as a medical system. Ayurveda research and data analysis are being funded by the Indian government and a number of private organizations. BAMS graduates can pursue research careers in Ayurveda by enrolling in Master of Biotechnology or Master of Bioinformatics programmes at a variety of universities. The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research, which is provided by several colleges and universities across India, is another option for pursuing a career in research.
  4. Ayurveda medical center management and marketing: Large Ayurveda treatment centers in the public and private sectors require administrators with extensive knowledge of the Ayurveda medical system. Marketers with expertise in Ayurvedic medicines are in high demand in India and around the world. After earning their BAMS degree, students who pursue a Master of Hospital Management (MHA), Master of Public Health (MPH), or MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management are prepared to work in the administration and marketing of Ayurveda facilities and therapies.
  5. Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing: Apart from a few large companies, ADM is dominated by small businesses dispersed across India. Given the uncontrolled state of the business, disruptive new medicine producers will always have a chance to break into the national and international Ayurveda remedies market. The market for natural cosmetics, food supplements, and toiletries, in addition to Ayurvedic medications, is quite attractive, and new companies are entering the market every year. E-commerce partners can alleviate the pain of distribution for new entrants by providing several options for selling online, locally, and globally. Medicinal plants, particularly those needed for unusual treatments, are becoming increasingly scarce, and medicinal plant breeding can be a lucrative, specialist job for Ayurveda graduates.
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