Events for January 2023

Research Advisory Board

S.No Name Status on Body Notified u/s of DBUU Statue
1 Vice-Chancellor Chairman 24 (i)(i)
2 Prof (Dr.) R.K. Tripathi

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Member 24 (i)(ii)
3 Prof (Dr.) R.C. Pathak

Dean – School of Journalism & Liberal Arts

Member 24 (i)(iii)
4 Prof (Dr.) Ritika Mehra

Dean – School of Computer Science & Engg

Member 24 (i)(iii)
5 Dean – School of Hotel Mgt & Tourism Member 24 (i)(iii)
6 Prof. (Dr.) Neha Dobhal

Dean – School of Allied Science

Member 24 (i)(iii)
7 Prof (Dr.) Shailesh Chamola

Dean – School of Management and Commerce

Member 24 (i)(iii)
8 Prof (Dr.) Swati Sharma

Dean – School of Paramedical Sciences

Member 24 (i)(iii)
9 Ar. Udyan Agarwal-

Dean – School of Architecture and Design

Member 24 (i)(iii)
10 Prof. (Dr.) Mehvish Khalid

Dean- School of Nursing

Member 24 (i)(iii)
11 Dr. Amandeep Singh

Associate Dean – School of Pharmacy & Research

Member 24 (i)(iii)
12 Dr. Pankaj Mishra

Dean Academic Affairs

Member 24(i)(iv)
13 Prof (Dr.) Anita Chauhan

HoD – Forestry

Member 24(i)(v)
14 Dr. Megha Bahuguna

Vice Principal- School of Ayurveda

Member 28(i)(iii)
15 Prof (Dr.) V.K. Mishra

HoD – Microbiology & Food Technology

Member 24(i)(v)
16 Dr. Manveer Singh

Associate Dean – Applied sc

Member 24(i)(v)
17 Prof (Dr.) Sachin Malhotra

Additional Director- Computer Sc

Chandigarh University

Member 24(i)(vi)
18 Prof (Dr.) Muneesh Sethi

Dean (R &D)

Member Secretary 24(i)(vii)
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