Student Code of Conduct

Student Discipline

This section contains the Conduct and Disciplinary Rules applicable to students enrolled in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University, Dehradun-

General Disciplinary Rules

  • In all circumstances and places, a DBUU student shall ensure that the University's honor and reputation are upheld.
  • Student shall be in University uniform whenever they attend academic/extra- academic activities in university campus or as advised time to time.
    1. Wednesday’s of each week shall be a casual day. However, casual dress worn should be descent.
  • It is mandatory for all students to wear their photo identity card (Student ID Card) provided by the University while in campus.
  • All students shall display habits of humility, humbleness, obedience and compassion.
  • The students are expected to move silently through the corridors to prevent disturbing the nearby classes and laboratories. They must refrain from sitting on the parapet walls.
  • For any study related matters, the student is required to contact the teacher who taught subject first. If the problem not resolved in two working days, she/he may contact to concerned Dean or Dean Student Welfare.
  • For hostel related problems, she/he is required to contact to the concerned warden. If the problem not resolved in two working days, she/he may contact to Chief Warden or Dean Student Welfare.
  • For any other personal or professional grievances / problems the students can feel free to contact his class teacher or HOD or Dean / DSW.
  • Drinking alcohol/ substance abuse/ smoking / chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited in the University premises. Strict disciplinary action, which may amount to suspension / expulsion, shall be initiated for anyone found indulging.
  • Students are prohibited from holding meetings or entertainment programs on University premises, or from collecting money for any purpose within the University without due approval of competent authority.

Class Room Disciplinary Rules

  1. Every student must arrive on time in the University and attend lectures and practical classes punctually. The students are not permitted to enter the classroom once the teacher has entered.
  2. Student attendance shall be marked in the beginning of the theory/practical class.
  3. No student can leave the classroom without the approval of his teacher or until the teacher has exited the room.
  4. An inattentive student or one who makes mischief in a class can be expelled from the class by the teacher.
  5. It is expected that each student maintains decency while going from one classroom to another.

Attendance Rules

  1. Every student must maintain 75 % of attendance in a semester in each subject.
  2. Student attendance shall be marked in the beginning of the theory/practical class.
  3. Condonation of shortage of attendance may be granted by Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor only up to 10 percent on the basis of medical background or any valid reasons.
  4. To avail the facility of above point, student has to put an application to his/her Dean; if the Dean is satisfied, s/he may forward the application to authority.

Fee Submission Rules

02 Installment Dates (Academic, Hostel & Transport)

01 1st  Sem Reporting Date or 30th Aug
2nd  Sem Up To 1 st  Jan
02 3rd  Sem Up To 1st  Jun
4th  Sem Up To 1st  Dec
03 5th  Sem Up To 1st  Jun
6th  Sem Up To 1st  Dec
04 7th  Sem Up To 1st  Jun
8th  Sem Up To 1st  Dec
05 9th  Sem Up To 1st  Jun
10th  Sem Up To 1st  Dec
  • For first year (admission year), 50% of annual academic fee and onetime charges (admission fee, enrollment, uniform fee etc.) shall be deposited within 30 days of admission or till starting of the semester (whichever comes first). Balance 50% of annual academic fee must be deposited by 01-January of the year.
  • From second year onwards, last date to deposit 50% of the annual academic fee shall be 01st -June and remaining 50% of annual academic fee should be submitted on or before 01st -December of the year.
  • Submission of exam fee for odd semester should be submitted on or before 30th -October and for even semester is 15-March.
  • In case of late admissions, student has to pay the total calculated fee till that date.
  • In any case, if the student fails to pay the fee on mentioned date; a penalty of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged thereof.
  • Condonation of the fee penalty is reserved with Pro Chancellor on valid reasons only. The application for this will be forwarded by DSW.

Behaviour in Library and Laboratory

  • Student is not allowed to carry their bags inside the laboratory.
  • Gossiping / chit-chat are strictly prohibited inside the library / laboratory.
  • A student who willfully damages campus property will be punished in accordance with Proctorial Committee discretion.
  • Books and other University property, once in the student's possession, are their responsibility and in the event they are damaged or lost, they are expected to replace them or pay for them.
  • Students might not have to pay the cost if the faculty in charge certifies that the breakages were either accidental or coincidental to their work rather than caused by negligence on their part.
  • Student must ensure that she/he return the issued material or books within the due time, otherwise she/he have to bear the penalty of Rs.10/day.

Ragging and Harassment

  • As per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, ragging in any form within or outside the University campus is a punishable offense.
  • Any student, who proceeds to, participates in, abets, or propagates ragging within or outside the University will be punished as stipulated in the rules.
  • Any of the students found indulged in ragging activity may be rusticated from the University.
  • Disciplinary action as per rules laid down by the University may be invoked against a student when any of the following allegations is made:
    1. Sexual, racial, physical or other harassment.
    2. Threatening, abusive, disorderly, irregular, or unreasonable behavior (that causes others to fear or be distressed).
    3. Disrespect for University Dignitaries.
    4. Disrespect for University Dignitaries.
    5. Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence.
    6. Failure to comply with rules, regulations, code of conducts, or procedures.
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