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Why to Choose BBA In Digital Marketing?

Why to Choose BBA In Digital Marketing?

Technology advancements have caused a massive change in the marketing world, moving it from traditional to digital marketing. This has led to the creation of numerous job opportunities and growing businesses. As a result of the rise in popularity of digital marketing, students are looking for programs (like the BBA in Digital Marketing) that can help them develop their digital marketing skills and earn a conventional undergrad degree.

BBA in Digital Marketing: What is it?

The three-year BBA in digital marketing programme is widely sought after. Online marketing is a booming industry globally, not just in India. The idea of marketing, analyzing marketing campaigns, and developing promotional strategies are some of the key abilities that the BBA in digital marketing equips candidates with. The three-year programme is broken up into 6 semesters. Different topics associated with marketing and business analytics are covered. throughout each semester. The course includes a project that gives the students the chance to practice their marketing skills and put what they have learned into practice. Anybody can experiment with their own ideas in the marketing field. The BBA in Digital Marketing is a course that will help students improve their managerial abilities.

Scope of BBA in Digital Marketing

After earning your BBA in digital marketing degree, you ought to think about your options. This field offers a wide range of career options, and the application of this degree is expanding as the technological era progresses. The potential for digital marketing is enormous in India. The following statistics indicate that in the upcoming year, there will be a significant increase in the amount of demand in the field of digital marketing. Over 1.5 million new jobs in digital marketing are predicted to be created over the next two years. With 205 million Internet users, India is swiftly emerging as the next major digital hub. The demand for digital marketing talent, however, is greater than the supply. Businesses are refocusing their efforts from traditional marketing to using digital marketing to generate profits because they understand that marketing will always exist on the platform. You will better draw customers' attention by making it a major player in the market than most current platforms.
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Career Options After BBA in Digital Marketing

By building a strong online presence, digital marketers assist their clients in expanding and growing their businesses. To boost the visibility of their clients, SEO and SEM are used. Additionally, they acknowledge and support their customers as they use appropriate social media platforms. They employ a variety of marketing strategies, including paid campaigns, promotional material, as well as other techniques, to achieve the desired results. In our digital marketing course, we'll teach you SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, analysis, and other salient skills.

Jobs after BBA in Digital Marketing Degree

The BBA in digital marketing offers the applicants a sizable variety of job opportunities. They now have a wide range of career options. Here are a few of them:
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Web Developer & Web Designer
  • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager
  • SEO Executive/Expert
  • PPC/SEM Expert

Salary after pursuing BBA in Digital Marketing

The answer to the most frequently asked question by candidates is about the pay in digital marketing. The structure and place of your company have a major impact on your pay. Here, we give you a general idea of what to anticipate. A digital marketing manager's median annual salary falls between the ranges of 4 and 10 lakhs. A manager of SEO can make anywhere from 3 to 7 lakhs per year. A web developer or designer can make up to 6 lakhs per year, a SEM/PPC expert up to 5 lakh rupees, and a content manager up to 5 lakhs.


Therefore, a BBA in digital marketing is a very sought-after course. Along with offering a learning opportunity, it also offers a variety of cool and interesting jobs that are very different from the typical, dull office jobs. It is a cutting-edge course that has an extensive scope and has no boundaries in terms of what digital marketers need.
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