Harnessing DBUU’s Collaborations For Innovative And Enhanced Learning Experiences

“It is the long history of humankind – those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”-  Charles Darwin

As academic institutions around the world are compelled to evolve due to several disruptions, these words from the Father of Evolution gain additional significance. Many colleges and universities, strong on their own past record and legacy, have failed to keep up with the changing educational needs of the Gen Z, the impact of emerging technologies, and scaling up the learning experiences to the global level. Today, while they realize that collaborations are crucial for survival, forward-thinking institutions including DBUU have stayed ahead of the curve.

In our two decades of academic experience, we have realized that success cannot be achieved in silos. In order to foster an engaging global learning ecosystem where students can thrive, we have consistently forged strong collaborations that bring a vast array of benefits. Today, DBUU has over 25 international collaborations that present dynamic learning opportunities for our students. Besides academic partnerships, our industry collaborations ensure that students get valuable practical exposure in their respective domains and are prepared for their professional lives.

How collaborations create a win-win scenario for all stakeholders!

  • Meticulously built academic collaborations bring together institutions that share a vision and approach to higher learning. These fruitful partnerships can work wonders for the reputation of both parties.
  • Industry collaborations on the other hand create practical learning, internship and recruitment opportunities for students. The industry benefits by gaining fresh ideas, and can groom students into future candidates in their organizations.
  • The industry is looking for professionals that are equipped with skills to work in increasingly diverse environments. Global collaborations facilitate understanding of different cultures, way of life for students.
  • Strong collaborations also lead to research projects that would probably otherwise not be possible. They encourage knowledge-sharing and are the key to innovation in the future.

There are many other powerful benefits of academic and industry collaborations that can only be harnessed through strategic planning. That is something we at DBUU have always been mindful of and it reflects in our thoughtful academic and organizational collaborations around the world. From the Malaysian Indian Chef Association to RedHat Academy, Raleigh, North Carolina, Zhenjiang University of Science and Technology to Business & Hotel Management School, our academic collaborations are built not only across continents but various disciplines to ensure that students gain from multidisciplinary insights while building domain expertise.

Our collaboration with ImaginXP has led to industry-integrated programmes with specializations in emerging fields like Data Science, Blockchain Technology, Robotics Process Automation etc. ASSOCHAM – Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India brings with it a strong network of professional organizations and unique opportunities. Our partnerships with NDTV India, UpGrad, Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (IEPR), Pune and several others, reflect the careful cultivation of collaborations that enhance our students’ learning experience and take it to the next level – on the global stage.

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