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Animation and Gaming College in Dehradun

Bachelor of Science in Animation and Gaming

The BSc in Animation and Gaming program at DBUU aims to help the students understand and impart knowledge of the fascinating world of VFX, Animation, Motion Graphics, and Gaming for Film, Telecast, and other media pads. This three-year program from the top Animation and Gaming College in Dehradun Uttarakhand introduces students to the world of 3D Digital Art and VFX Visualization, Animation, and Gaming through theory and practical exposure to industry-relevant software tools. Students can further extend their learning routine to a professional level within Animation and Gaming development upon finishing the program.

The advanced course curriculum at DBUU, offers Computer Animation and Game Development graduates a critical understanding of the aesthetic issues in Computer Graphics and Mixed-Media. The program will also help them learn the basic aesthetic principles and concepts and the production process. We here at the DBUU, the leading CSE college in Dehradun equip students for thriving professional professions in the domain through the knowledge provided with the synergy of creativity and technology. Through practical learning and collaborative settings, including industry-standard technical and conceptual techniques, we offer the foundation for productive expression and life-long knowledge that guides our students to be encouraging and productive leaders, contributors, and innovators able to overcome difficult challenges.

Salient Features

  • 18+ years of academic experience
  • Focus on student-centered learning
  • Aside from general coursework, students will be equipped with several certification courses
  • Project-based practical pedagogy to make the students comprehend the problems in the present world
  • Problem-based learning and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Department-organized tech fests and hackathons
  • Industry visits, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent researchers and industry practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Admissions Open 2023!!

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Eligibility & Fee Details

Duration & Eligibility

3 Years

The candidate must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent with minimum 45% marks in total in the qualifying examination.

Fee Structure

Course Total Fees
Academic fee ( Per Sem) ₹ 40000/-

One Time Fee

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Caution Money (Refundable after completion of programme) University Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)
₹ 1,500 ₹ 6,500 ₹ 1,500 ₹ 2,000
Exam fees ( Per Semester) 4,500/-
Annual Charges (Per Year) 3,500/-

Download Fee Structure

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Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1 To create proficiency and skills in the domain of computer graphics, assets creation, visual effects, and gaming
PEO-2 To help obtain various skills that will improve their employability in different Gaming, Animation, and Entertainment segments
PEO-3 Get extensive opportunities to operate efficiently to appear as an adequate team leader
PEO-4 To help them understand the ongoing growing trends and retain them refreshed with the most advanced technology
PEO-5 To instill enough knowledge, skill, commitment, and work ethics needed to perform the specified task
PEO-6 To enable the student's analytical thinking skills and problem-solving approaches for professional development

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 After graduation, students will be equipped with artistic and technological abilities in multiple domains of Gaming, VFX, Animation, and multimedia. This will enable them to be employed worldwide
PSO-2 The specialization granted to the understudies will work on their insight in 3D Animation. Students will turn into a specialist in a particular area of 3D animation and will work in Films, Games and other activity related fields
PSO-3 This program presented to the students will upgrade their ability and information in-game turn of events. It will improve their abilities in both the creative and aesthetics of Games. Students will become specialists in the particular area of computer games and will be able to work in top computer games industries
PSO-4 The program will help students demonstrate professionalism through artistic and intellectual independence

Program Grid Structure


Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
22BSAN101 Fundamental of Computers and Element of IT 3
23BSAN102 History of Cinema & Animation 3
23BSAN103 Fundamentals of Photography & Videography 3
23BSAN104 Principles of Animation 3
23LS191 English Communication 2
23BSAN181 Experimental Photography & Videography Lab 2
23BSAN182 Experimental Animation Lab 3

Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
22BSAN201 Classical Animation 2
22BSAN202 Introduction to Graphics 3
22BSAN203 Creative Thinking and Writing 2
22BSAN204 Story Design and Development 3
23LS192 Environmental Studies 2
22BSAN281 Classical Animation Lab 2
23BSAN282 Graphics Lab 1
22BSAN284 Digital Publishing Lab 1
23BSAN285 Story Design and Development Lab 1
22BSAN286 Seminar 1
Social Internship of 3-4 weeks duration in summer vacation after completion of Second Semester to be evaluated during 3rd semester

Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
22BSAN301 Pre-Production Elements 2
23BSAN302 Audio Production 2
23BSAN303 Video Production 2
22BSAN304 2D Animation 2
22BSAN305 Artificial Intelligence 3
23AEC391 Ability Enhancement Course - I 1
23LS291 Indian Knowledge System 0
22BSAN381 Pre-Production Lab 1
23BSAN382 Audio Production Lab 2
22BSAN383 2D Animation Lab 2
23BSAN384 Video Production Lab 1
23SOCIALIN391 Social Internship 1
VAM303XX Value Added Course - I 0

Semester 4

Course Code Course Credit
23BSAN401 Post-Production Elements 2
23BSAN402 Advanced Audio & Video Production 3
22BSAN404 3D Animation 1
23AEC491 Ability Enhancement Course - II 1
23OE46X Open Elective - I 2
23BSAN481 Post-Production Elements Lab 1
23BSAN482 Advanced Audio & Video Production Lab 3
22BSAN484 3D Animation Lab 3
VAM403XX Value Added Course - II 0
23PSPR491XX Minor Project based on Animation 2

Semester 5

Course Code Course Credit
22BSAN501 Character Animation 2
21BTCE502 Maya Fundamentals 1
23BSAN503 Gaming Character and Stage Modeling 2
23BSAN504 Audio, Video, VFX Compilation 3
23AEC591 Ability Enhancement Course-III 1
22BSAN581 Character Animation Lab 2
22BSAN582 Maya Fundamental Lab 2
23BSAN583 Gaming Character and Stage Modeling Lab 1
23PSPR591XX Project based on Audio/ Video/ Animation 4
VAM503XX Value Added Course - III 0

Semester 6

Course Code Course Credit
23PSPR691 Engineering Hydrology 15
23AEC691 Desiqn of Steel Structures 1
23OE69XX Programme Elective-II 2

Job Opportunities The Course Might Lead To

The program provides students with the opportunity to work on various levels such as:

  • BG Modeler/Character Modeler
  • Texturing Artist
  • Graphic Designers
  • Visualizer, Storyboard Artist
  • 2D/3D Animator
  • Digital Lighting & Motion Graphic Designer
  • Production Assistant
  • Compositing Artist
  • Illustrator
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